How Do I Get On PrEP?

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You must be able to take a pill every day.

If taken consistently and correctly, PrEP can reduce the risk of HIV from sex by more than 90%. PrEP’s effectiveness declines greatly if not taken daily.

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You must have an open and honest conversation with your doctor.

  • You will need to discuss your sexual history, sexual practices, partner(s) HIV status, and any recreational drug use with your primary healthcare provider.
  • If you can’t have this conversation with your current doctor or don’t have a primary healthcare provider, there are several PrEP providers in and around New Haven, Connecticut.

If you are not near New Haven, Connecticut, please refer to your local and state public health departments for providers or click here to identify a health center near you.

Doctor's Visit

When you’re considering PrEP, there are certain questions you might want to ask your doctor. Some examples are:

Questions to Ask
  • Would they be willing to oversee you being on PrEP?
  • What were the results of your HIV test?
  • Do you need to test again before beginning PrEP because of recent high-risk sex?
  • How often do they want you to test for HIV? (Note- this should be done every 3 months)
  • Are they testing you for hepatitis B? If you don’t have it, have you been vaccinated?
  • Are they testing you for STDs? Which STDs? How often will they test?
  • How is your kidney health? Are they functioning well enough to begin PrEP?
  • Are there drug interactions you should be worried about?
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After you and your doctor have established that you’re a candidate for PrEP, some labs will be done and tests will be run.

Your doctor will test you for:

  • HIV
  • Hepatitis B
  • Liver and kidney function
  • Pregnancy (if you can become pregnant)
  • Certain STD’s

Get connected with PrEP providers in the Greater New Haven area

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PrEP Nav will help guide you through the process of acquiring and paying for PrEP.

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